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Malon's Twinkle~

So cute~ He has such a similar pronunciation with his elder borther, ShounenT. But his voice is more soothing than T-kun.

And this is his first upload as an Utaite. Wish you get a lot of attention like your elder brother~


guys guys guys …

i know amatsuki’s really adorable in real life and all and you want to share that—

but amatsuki personally requested to not repost photos and illustrations of him.

if you want to share the photos, link to his twitter, or send the images privately … :/

Thank you so much for reminded me! ^^
I have delete the photo and post the link to the photos’ link. Once again, thank ypu so much~~ <3 

I know Amatsuki didn’t want his photos to be uploaded here…

But they are just so cute! First time seeing Amatsuki with his ash hair! Not really ash, but it looks really suitable for him! And Shamuon… cute to the max! Kony is cool LOL xD

Taken from Amachu’s twitter~

EDITED: Okay, I recently decided to respect Amatsuki’s wish, so I deleted the photo from tumblr. But if you want to see it, go to this link:

They’re so adorable, aren’t they? :3

Someone help me please…

I’ve got a Youtube message in Japanese, but I could not translate it…

Here it is:








Please someone, help meee!

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